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Twitter Q & A with Tarja


When do we get to see the videoclip you shot in Argentina? Which song is it? What can you tell us about it?

The song is called Innocence. We are finishing the video at the moment. It will be premiered during the European summer.

We saw Alissa on you new album, did she sing normal or growling?

She did a great job and yes, she used her growling and her clean vocals.

Why did you decide to release a prequel?

I had too many good songs that wouldn't fit in one album and I didn't want to give any song away as bonus track.
I selected the songs I felt were the right ones for TBV and did the same for TSS.

How was it, to record a video with your band for the first time?

That was a lot of fun! We were sweating and happy!

Will be, in these new projects, other songs in spanish? Or English is predominant?

English only this time :)

Is it true that you will release a cover of Muse in The Shadow Self?


As Mike Terrana did the drums part, is there any chance to see you rocking with him on stage for the new tour?

Mike recorded drums for some songs, not all. He won't be touring with me.

What's the song in the new albums that made you feel the most accomplished, sonically, lyrically?

Too Many.

Will heavy metal predominate in this album?

The sound of the band is as heavy as it can be. Still there are many symphonic elements on the albums.

When will the track list for TSS be announced. "Soon"?

Now : Innocence, Demons In You, No Bitter End, Love To Hate, Supremacy, The Living End, Diva,  Eagle Eye album version,  Undertaker,  Calling From The Wild, Too Many

Gotta ask, what inspired you to do this album and what is your favourite song?

My life as an artist and my journeys with music inspire me in general. All the songs are my favorite ones!

The band who recorded the clip will be the same that will be on tour with you?

That's the plan for the European summer.

Why you've decided to record Paradise "new version" what is the difference between old version and new?

Is not a new recording. Is a new mix I did with Tim Palmer the way I feel the song.

I have ever wondered what do you do with your olds costumes. For example the one you used in Nemo video?

I have saved most of my costumes. They are all safe and sound!

Will there be classical elements in this album too?

Sure, of course! Classical is the other side of me.

On facebook we heard a heavy song before you show us no bitter end final version. Is that part of your new album?

Maybe :)

Is your upcoming album your favorite of all the other albums you put out?

Surely it is. I am super proud of it!

Love to Hate? Slayer cover?

Haha. My own song this time.

Have you taken inspiration from any classical pieces this time (like Victim of Ritual)? If so which ones?

You will discover some Chopin.

Why did you choose Muse to be your cover band?

I love the band and I love the song.

Is there any really very personal song on the album which is very hard for you to sing because of special emotions?

Most of the songs are very personal to me. The emotions involved are different in writing and performing.

Have you written all music and lyrics?

I wrote the music and lyrics for all the songs with other people, except for Witch-Hunt.

Do you like driving you fans crazy with all the preview and teasing ? :D Anyway it works ! ;)

Sure :)

Have you ever written a song for Naomi in your new albums?


What do you want to do after this tour?

record another album :)

Do you plan to the future concerts use of pyrotechnics? It would be great!

We are planning to add screens.

On new album will be a song similar to "Deliverance"?

I love Deliverance or Oasis or Anteroom of Death to mention few. I don't like to repeat myself. Expect new things to come!

Is there a chance that you release a instrumental-version for each album?

No. I should compose and write the songs having that in mind, if so.

Is these two albums gonna be the opposite of each other? TBV the softer part and TSS the heavier?

Not at all. TBV is an appetizer of what is there to come. Different songs. You need to get both ;)

Will Act II be recorded during this tour? Will backstage and on the road footage be added this time if so?

Yes. Act II starts in June, but we don't know when it ends :)

You'll come to Japan in June. Will we hear songs from the new album at that time?

I will perform songs from TBV and TSS during the summer and also in Japan. Super happy to visit Japan again.

On your new album will there be something that you do not have in any other previous?

Of course. Always.

There was something really different to you in the process of writting and recording the new album and EP?

The process has gotten easier. That's why I came up with so many songs. By the way, it's not an EP, there are two albums.

So far what has been your favorite song to record?

Favorite song to record was Diva.

Will there be any ballad on the new 2 albums?

Yes, there will be few.

Special editions of your new albums?

TBV will have a vinyl. TSS will also be available as 2LP+Download Code. Also a Limited Boxset.

Can we hear some piano parts in your new albums?

Sure. Actually pretty awesome performance from one of my favorite pianists.

Thank you all for your kind questions! This was fun. We'll do it again in FB next time. Very soon. Bye. Love you all.

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