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Another special concert took place in August 2006 at Lahti Organ Festival. Backed by international concert organist Kalevi Kiviniemi, guitarist Marzi Nyman, and percussionist Markku Krohn, Tarja put together another vibrant set list that varied between the classical and the contemporary.  The performance, ‘Cross Over Organ’, included ‘Ave Maria’s as well as songs by Nirvana, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Deep Purple.

Tarja: I have been a lucky girl to be able to sing with famous and talented musicians like Kalevi is. These are the things that I will never ever forget. I hope to tell my story one day to my grandchildren, who might not believe their ears! It is hard to find soul mates in today’s music business, but with Kalevi, Marzi and Markku everything works perfectly. We want to create something new for people to discover. The world would become a very boring place to live in, if everybody would do things the usual way. I don’t fit in that picture.

August 7th: Lahti Organ Festival: Cross Over Organ with Tarja Turunen, Kalevi Kiviniemi, Marzi Nyman  & Markku Krohn, 10 p.m.,
Ristinkirkko (Church of the Cross), Kirkkokatu 3, Lahti, Finland

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