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Following the original track list of “Colours In The Dark”, its counterpart “Left In The Dark” contains rarities, B-Sides as well as demos, instrumental versions including five previously unreleased versions, thereof two live radio acoustic recordings of “500 Letters” and “Until Silence”. Furthermore the high quality digi-pak includes exclusive liner notes written by Tarja herself which give a personal insight behind the scenes of Tarja’s work.

Not only is the track selection of “Left In The Dark” one of a kind, the story behind the creation of the album artwork is as well.

In February 2014, Tarja fans were called for creating the cover artwork for her exclusive tour item “Left In The Dark”. With over 1.000 great and creative submissions, Tarja had a hard time choosing five winner artworks. In the end, this left her with no other choice than to decide on even ten lucky winners.
Congratulations to Mikoláš Gál (1st prize, front cover), Predrag Milosevic (2nd prize, back cover), Bruno Bogarin, Eric Imbimbo, Timo Lorch, Thamires Moraes, Vivien Scalbert, Pavel Simo, Stanis W-Decker and Kevin Weiß (3rd – 10th prize; all artworks included in the booklet).


1. Victim Of Ritual (First Demo)
2. 500 Letters (Live At Vorterix Radio)
3. Lucid Dreamer (Demo)
4. Never Enough (Demo Progression)
5. Mystique Voyage (Demo)
6. Into The Sun (Studio Version)
7. Deliverance (Instrumental)
8. Neverlight (Full Orchestra Version)
9. Until Silence (Live At Vorterix Radio)
10. Medusa (Tarja’s Solo Version)

International release dates:

G/S/A:  04.07.14
France: 07.07.14
Spain: 04.07.14
Scandinavia: 04.07.14
Italy: tba
Argentina: October
a: tba
after September 7th
Serbia/Slovakia: after November 10th
France: OUT NOW!
Italy: 29.07.2014
Benelux: OUT NOW!
Poland: 07.09.2014 tbc
Sweden: OUT NOW!
Finland: OUT NOW!
Norway: OUT NOW!
Denmark: OUT NOW!
Russia: tba
Spain: OUT NOW!
USA: OUT NOW! (Digital only)
Argentina: October
Brazil: Later 2014

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