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Tarja´s official website statement:

Unfortunately we need to communicate that the two concerts scheduled in Slovakia by the promoter EPG won´t happened as planned. Tarja, her band and crew arrived to Nitra, Slovakia and got the news about some misfortune with the promoter and the venues.
We will wait for a while in order to see if these concerts could be re scheduled or if they will be definitely cancelled.
We are deeply sorry for all fans that as the band were waiting for the shows to happen.

Message from Tarja:

My Slovakian fans, unfortunately the shows in Slovakia are not happening. More information about it will be given in my webpage. Since I am anyway in Nitra, if you are still around, let´s meet at 19:00 at the Christmas Market in Svetoplukovo Námestie (Square of Svetopluk - Central Square). See you there!
With love, Tarja

Tarja´s message from her official blog:

Nitra, Slovakia was something particular. We spent 3 days in a cosy hotel doing absolutely nothing important, since the Slovakian shows got cancelled just in the last minute. It was a really big misfortune for me and I didn't expect that at all to happen. I really hope to be able to return to Slovakia and to sing for my lovely fans. We are working on that and I hope to have news soon about it. You were the ones that made me really happy when I met some of you at the Christmas Market in Nitra. Even though it was a very cold day, I was surprised how many of you got my message and was there! Facebook has remarkable powers! Anyway, I ask you my deepest apologizes for not performing this time.
Luckily I had a lot of time to walk around the city of Nitra.

Foto: Dominika Nováková, Pavel Šimo

Foto: Lukáš Klinovský

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