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Martin Kesici and Tarja Turunen - Leaving You For Me
2004 single
2005 album So What...!?
Written by Per Eklund, Frederik Bjork, Tony Malm, Martin Kesici
Produced by Peter Hoiff for Benztown Productions
Mixed by Achim Köhler at the House of Music Studios
Drum and guitar recorded by Half C. Mayer
Tarja Turunen vocals recorded by Risto Hemmi at Finnvox Studios / Helsinki

Format: Pock it
Record Label: Island / Universal Music

Song featuring Tarja :

Leaving you for me

I didn’t know Martin’s music before, but when I heard his voice, I really liked it very much. I thought he was very talented and charismatic, so I loved to sing a duet with such a charming guy! We had a great time in Finland shooting a video together even though we didn’t manage to avoid some trouble during the filming. A goat attacked me leaving me some bruises in my leg and then Martin pressed my fingers between the door and the handle, of course without knowing that I was in pain. Well, after the day was finished, the result was that I had swollen fingers and aching leg. Could have been worse!

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